Rational for the pins on the Techno-Trash 2F00 Pinterest

People & the Planet
This photo reminds us that we would not live in these situations. Where is our techno trash going? The site teaches the public about the details we don’t know or want to think about. Everyone deserves to have a safe environment to live in. We need to work together to eliminate our wastes for everyone’s well being.

As we learned techno-trash is declared as “second hand goods” yet they are damaged goods beyond repair. (https://archive.org/details/PlannedObsolescenceDocumentary) The polluters ship there techno trash to third world countries which is illegal, yet since they are declared “second hand goods” they are getting away with this. Wastemanagementrecycling.net shows you a map of where “known” polluters are sending their techno-trash

This pin links to a blog of photos from a to z from all over the world. The photographs bring forth awareness about world problems that go unseen. They bring awareness to the public with the use of tons of artists.

The city of Vaughan has an excellent website allowing the public to learn where they can recycle their techno-trash. There is a government program that funds this project. Hopefully bringing awareness to “drop off” sites are located.

This pin brings up the idea of a new business idea that others have already taken advantage of. As well as the fact that they feel some people have a new obsession of technology hoarding that maybe a countries way to internally keep the waste.

This site holds all the information one needs to what are the regulations that are in effect. Informs the public which electronics are accepted in the government program. Also informs the public about other provincial programs.

This is a link to summaries of videos. For the purpose of this pin board there is a video called “The light bulb conspiracy” directed by Cosima Dannoritzer. Which this website explains not only the movie but also the meaning behind creating the movie.

Similar to “wastemanagmentrecycling.net” this post shows us that there is a lot we do not know or if we do know, then it is a reminder that it is wrong. We hold millions of people in our province we should have the smarts to be able to create a new program.

This is a site that reminds the public of recycles that they might not realise that they can recycle. It is a easy to read and where you can recycle the items.

Meghan Banner & 2Fooblogging.wordpress.com
I felt that these three pins are rolled into one. I also was not sure if they counted as a pin on my pin board therefore I added extras to make sure I covered the minimum of 8 pins.

These photos are of my personal techno-trash that I have not recycled due to the lack of knowledge to wipe information permanently off of them. I used this pin board to learn where I can recycle. My next board will be of how to find a reliable store to replace the screens. Therefore I can keep continue to use my techno-trash.