Sad to say Good-bye

Overall the information that I have obtained in the course has brought me up to speed with the technology world. I enjoyed learning about twitter and pinterest platforms the most because I feel that I am now educated in working the platforms. From a social point of view I feel confident to be able to participate at the level as most of my friends. The confidence I have gained will continue my success in learning new platforms

This course taught me new searching techniques. Pinterest was very exciting to learn, create pins, and follow pins. I was exposed to a massive amount of knowledge rapid and simple. I feel that this platform made the biggest impression on my continued learning after this course. I learned why people use this platform and how I can maximize use of the platform. When you need to learn about something new you have a little descriptions with a picture, I feel it maximizes ones’ time when researching. Pinterest links to the original content, which is the best critical aspect of the platform. Direct access to the original content cuts research time in half. The ability to create a pinboard and of themes allows others’ to communicate and create themed communities. I look forward to being members of topics I enjoy after this course.

It was really interesting learning about planned obsolescence. I was aware that vehicles were made to break, but was unaware that so was the technology I use. I learned about where the techno trash goes (third-world countries).I learned that the government calls it “use-able” yet the trash is exactly that, trash. I learned that our printers and probably many other technology gadgets have chips installed to make them stop working at a certain time of life. I see why this makes sense in the business world but upsetting about the waste it creates. After learning about this planned obsolescence, I am going to research into fixing and not just replacing my technology gadgets. I thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge I gained from this course and wish there was another course to continue my New New Media knowledge.

The Light Bulb Conspiracy . Dir. Cosima Dannoritzer. 2010.


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