“quick” knowledge: Wikipedia

As we learnt from the course this week, “wiki” is derived from the Hawaiian word meaning “quick.” I use Wikipedia to help me understand words I do not understand for easy and fast knowledge. For example “exclusionists,” I learned that these are people that encourage value within writing. The written knowledge must be supported by literature. I agree with the exclusionists, there has to be support to the information that is presented, and cannot be “just someones’ ideas.” I value Wikipedia as a new age encyclopedia, having the ability to learn information that is current. As our class notes this week said, the latest version of encyclopedia was in the year of 2010. Events and new technology have advanced in the last three years therefore the encyclopedia is already outdated in some subjects. Therefore I depend on the literature I read on Wikipedia to serve as an updated encyclopedia.

I agree with the inclusionists only in the fact that anything should be available to learn about. Even the silliest of things should be available to the public. I use Wikipedia to learn slang so I understand what people are talking about. I personally do not know everything and why can’t we have to access to free knowledge. It will enrich our society as a whole. Those that cannot go to school, or those that feel silly asking questions they feel the rest of the class or population already knows, can then use Wikipedia to learn and catch up. Therefore it is of the outmost importance that the editing is regulated. I used to use Wikipedia as a reference when my sister would tell me I was wrong about something. She said my literature does not count because anyone can write which our textbook and Sue Gardner’s Blog informs us. That only people “banned” are the only ones unable to write and edit entries. I would not use Wikipedia for dental or medical information but using the data for learning about a word, I do. It is always best to find other sources that agree with the same literature you are about to use.

One must complete their own research and not listen to what they have been told by one person. If we all listened to one person we may all be driving Honda civics. Sales people are trained to make you believe what they are saying is true. Just like retrieving information from the internet it is also valuable to do your own researching on vehicles before purchasing one. Do not believe everything said by one person.

I would like to see “Wikipedia” close the doors on the ability that “almost” anyone can write/edit an entry. I believe anyone should be able to submit information to “Wikipedia” and that the company makes sure the information holds credibility, and then they publish the entry. I realize that this most likely will cause a back up at the company and information will not be able to be present as rapid as the current protocol. Although I would rather wait for the credible literature then receive unaccredited literature. Therefore the knowledge I seek will still need back up although for the rapid information gain will be of value. Hopefully Wikipedia will lean toward the “exclusionists” so that they provide credited knowledge instead of a platform for people to express their opinions without accreditation. The public can use other platforms such as twitter and facebook to express themselves not Wikipedia.

Class notes
Paul Levinson. “Chapter 5: Wikipedia.” New New Media. 2nd ed. Toronto: Penguin Academics, 2013. 65-80.
Sue Gradner’s Blog. The people behind Wikipedia the encyclopedia any one can edit. Jan 14, 2014. Retrieved from: http://suegardner.org/2013/01/14/the-people-behind-wikipedia-the-encyclopedia-anyone-can-edit/


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