Facebook: It’s not personal… It’s business

What is Gehl’s central argument?

Gehl’s central argument is that facebook uses the public as free labour for their own financial gain. We know they are using us but the fact of “fitting in” we continue to be members of facebook. There are loads of social problems brought forth from facebook which only serves in facebook’s gain of data collection. For example people feel that they must spend the time “liking” other’s posts. In hopes their friends will return the favor. In which facebook again gains more data collection. Also if you don’t have a facebook account you can be left behind socially. Facebook wants its social media to be part of everyones’ lives. Thus, they can collect and sell your data for their own financial gain at your expense.

Do you agree or disagree?

Since taking this course I have learnt a lot about data waste. That there has been billions spend on data collection centres. I remind my patients everything is a business and to research before you buy, or question who is selling something to them. For example, I was told that Coca Cola is unable to create syrup for its coke to sell to restaurants and etc… They must create the coke and then extract the water. This water has some impurities like sugar, but Coca Cola re bottles it and calls is Dasani. This is brilliant business plan, for they found a way to remarket their waste. As the world creates data waste, facebook found a way to remarket that waste and collect all the profits. It’s not personal, it’s business. I have to appreciate facebook as a business.

Although like I tell my patients you must research before you buy. This course has taught me I should also research before I “participate.” I was aware that facebook keeps the photos and the information I post.  Facebook is like going to a wedding; you are invited because someone wants you at their day to fill the seats. They also give you a throw away camera to take pictures of the event. Although you cannot keep the camera’s it’s owned by the bride and groom. Hope you didn’t take any photos of yourself you might regret, since you are not the owner you don’t have control of where those photos go.  Similar to facebook all your photos are now their property.

I try to minimize my personal information but that was to protect myself from identity theft. Although I just signed up for “free samples” which asked me how old I was, if I was single/married etc… I was wary about answering these questions, I did lie on a few of them to protect myself. Although I am sure I did not do that good of a “hiding” job. This is similar to facebook with its data collection, in fact I believe facebook is part of it. It asked me if I had a “fan page” on facebook, I went to click yes and it asked for the name of the “fan page.” I then decided I did not have one. Data collection is mainly through facebook but there are other ways the ordinary person isn’t aware of what they are revealing. I hope I like my free samples, which is more than I receive from facebook.


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