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Just when you think technology has reached its maximum, Bam! A new device that will make daily life easier is invented and the craze to have one begins. Unlike fashion most of these devices are thrown away to never be desired again. My friend just bought a record player to play old records this seems to be the only technology that might beat the craze and become desirable like fashion. Although I do not feel anything else could have that appeal. For example I do not see the “walk man” having a “walk” back/comeback.

Out of all of the technologies I use, I would say my smart phone is the one I use most frequently. In fact I know this because last weekend I left my purse at the house but had my smart phone. Therefore I had to make sure I obeyed the traffic laws since I did not have my driver’s licence it was in my purse at the house. Luckily my visa card is in my smart phone case; therefore I had monies to purchase gasoline. Although it was an eye opener that I always know where my smart phone, but do not always know where my personal information is.

As new technologies are invented they replace what used to be top of the line. I feel that if I was “in the know” about technology I would be changing my technologies more frequently. I have not changed my laptop, and I have promised myself not to upgrade to another laptop while I am taking online courses with Brock University. Although I know the next laptop will be an apple laptop. Why do I want an Apple laptop? Purely for the looks, they look sleek and professional compared to my chucky PC laptop. Although the sole reason why I will not change till I finish my online career is that I fear I will not know how to convert files, or know how to access an area in the word document program. I do not wish to learn how to create something I already know how to do on a PC, since I can find assignments alone challenging. Therefore I will wait till I do not have pressure of assignments to learn a new laptop technology.

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Due to my knowledge of technology I feel that I hold on to technology longer based on the fact that I feel I may not have the time to learn the new technology. I had a smashed iphone for over a year. There are a few reasons to why I kept. I could not afford to have the screen replaced by apple. Therefore I was told to take it to a “special” place in the mall. Every time I went to the store to get a “deal” on replacing my screen, it was always closed. Then I found out from others that you do not want to get a “deal” for “if it is too good to be true it probably is.” I found out that some of these “deal” places would replace your authentic apple parts with no name parts. Therefore I kept the smashed screen till I was able to upgrade my phone through my cell phone provider. As we can see I keep my technology till it stops working or I feel I have adequate time to learn how to use the device.

How does one dispose of old technology? First step is to know how to delete personal information. I find that I do not know how to permanently remove information from my devices. I have heard there is a simple way to wipe clean the device. Although due to the lack of knowledge I hold, and rumors I hear. I heard you can never permanently remove information. Since my devices hold a lot of personal information I fear I will be a victim of identity theft. My greatest fear is being a victim of identity theft. I feel that “recycling” or “disposing” of my old devices might just be handing someone all of my information to be taken advantage of. Since this is how I feel I keep all devices that hold any personal information. It is important that I know where they are to minimize my chances of identity theft.

To date I still do not know how to use many features on my smart phone. I know enough to get what I know I need for my daily activities. I find that I teach older generations about the technology and that younger generations teach me. When it comes to technology there will always be areas for me to learn.

This it my Pinterest assignment #3

A collection of what is techn-trash: what it is, where it comes from, where it goes and how to recycle it.

Here is the link to rational for the pins selected for this assignment

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